Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to...

Save your future self from financial ruin!

Studies have show that thinking about your past, present, and future self as one in the same allows you to make better financial decisions.

The Budget Intelligence Agency (BIA) allows students to begin thinking of their future selves now so they understand the long term impacts of implementing (or not implementing) what they learn during the workshops.

Student walk in and are immediately given the opportunity to visualize their future selves through a few apps and tech platforms. They are now able to imagine their present and future as one in the same.

The BIA provides the much needed backdrop to all the financial literacy concepts they will learn throughout the workshop or workshop series.

Students will go through a series of BIA missions, where they are broken up into small groups, share their existing knowledge with their peers, and teach each other important concepts with a trained Pockets Change facilitator making sure everyone stays on track and information gaps are filled in.

The Budget Intelligence Agency is always looking for a few good secret agents…

We have taught Budget Intelligence Agency workshops in the following topics, but as we are trained and experienced curriculum developers, we can tailor our programs to fit your organization’s needs:

  • Earning a Dollar: Job Preparation: career exploration, resume building, writing a cover letter, dressing for success, interview skills, how to be a good employee, paychecks and taxes
  • Value of a Dollar: Personal Finance: budgeting, paying bills, grocery shopping, credit cards, supply & demand, saving, retirement, insurance, and giving back
  • Chasing the Dream: Business and Entrepreneurship: personal strengths, goal setting and tracking, business idea development, business plans & budgets, and advertising & marketing
  • Ride the Bull: Stock Market: investing in your future, setting long term goals, overcoming challenges, decision making, risk vs. reward, and stock market basics
  • Home Sweet Home: Renting & Real Estate: finding a place to live, renting vs. buying, home buying considerations and process


Watch a sample video to get an idea of what it’s like to be a BIA secret agent: