Our Workshop Offerings

Each workshop is created to meet the individual needs of your learning community. We teach elementary, middle school, high school, college students as well as staff development. We can tailor your workshop for weekly programs, half-day, and full-day sessions. Our lessons are modular and flexible so we can work within your schedules and timeframes.

We provide workshops for the following topics:

Financial Basics: understanding your personal relationship with money, exploring conscientious spending and responsible saving, budgeting with your values in mind, banking basics, managing credit cards, earning income on the side, and tax basics

Job Prep, Interview Skills, & Career Readiness: communicating personal strengths and abilities, identifying career opportunities, crafting a resume, writing a cover letter, dressing for success, asking effective questions and giving meaningful feedback, how to be a good employee, paychecks and taxes

College Life & Beyond: managing money as a college student, earning money while in school, student loan basics, FAFSA basics, and budgeting disbursements

Moving Up & Out: renting your first apartment, finding and living with roommates, leases and roommate agreements, tenant and landlord responsibilities, insurance, and managing your own place

Goal Setting & Professional Growth: critical thinking and planning around career aspirations, strategies for meaningful networking, building negotiation practices, developing confidence in professional communication, email follow-up, social media management, and growing professional relationships

The Economy of Creativity:  earning income as an entrepreneur, building a product or service with design thinking, marketing and measuring a concept, and improving and growing a product or service

Ready for us to do a workshop with your organization?

Email us at smallchange@pocketschange.com with: details on the size of the group, the topics you want to cover, and your workshop budget. You can also send us an email by filling out the form below. 

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