Say what?

We figured it out on accident too.

We invited our facilitator, Dyalekt, to come teach part of his hip hop job prep workshop with us in Woodland, CA.

Now we're not allowed to come back without him.

Not only did participants develop research skills, interview chops, persuasive writing skills, and overall improved literacy, they left with a sense of confidence and clarity that they did not walk in with.

They were asked to write rhymes and perform about their personal and professional interests, closely examine their strengths and weaknesses, and learn how encourage and critique others in a positive setting.

Hip hop education as a pedagogy gives students the space and freedom to learn how they learn. 

Integrating hip hop into financial literacy has given our students the context they need to internalize positive money habits, learn complex financial concepts, and reflect on their personal finances in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Invite us in to your classroom or youth organization

We are trained and experienced curriculum developers and we can tailor our programs to fit your organization’s needs.

In case you need some ideas, We have done hip hop + finance workshops in the following topics: 

  • Communicating for Success: D’Bate program debate with rhyme, job preparation, personal finance,  conflict resolution, persuasive communication, research skills, literacy and vocabulary building, writing for the real world
  • Identity and Personal StrengthsHistory of Me: money personalities, literacy, public speaking, job preparation, building skills for career, college, and enterprise
  • Earning a Dollar: Job Preparation: career exploration, resume building, writing a cover letter, dressing for success, interview skills, how to be a good employee, paychecks and taxes
  • Value of a Dollar: Personal Finance: budgeting, paying bills, grocery shopping, credit cards, supply & demand, saving, retirement, insurance, and giving back
  • Chasing the Dream: Business and Entrepreneurship: personal strengths, goal setting and tracking, business idea development, business plans & budgets, and advertising & marketing

Our most popular workshop!

how to not be a broke college student

Tired of eating ramen and cereal every day? Looking for new ways to make money and still juggle your class schedule? Take a creative look at your finances with Pockets Change. In this interactive workshop, participants will explore their relationship with money, learn how to build multiple income streams, and master their spending and savings.


  • Determine your current relationship with money and explore how to change your money habits in ways that benefit you financially

  • Implement tools for how to make money work for you and have control over your finances


  • Discover strategies for how to increase your current income and build multiple income streams
  • Cultivate the ability to think on your feet and improvise in high pressure situations in your future career or entrepreneurial endeavor


  • Analyze your spending habits and figure out how to spend money on things that are in line with your values
  • Learn critical savings principles and seamlessly integrate them into your financial life
  • Introduce investing concepts and tools into your everyday personal finances