Have you ever wondered why practical money management isn't more commonly taught?

Have you ever considered what it would really take to help your students be good with money?

Are you looking for creative ways to empower your students to change their financial paths?

Join us in making it happen.

Working to make Pockets Change...

That incredible moment, when you are in awe of your students - when their passions and goals are shining through the activity, and it's not about the assignment it's about them and their future. That feeling is what learning is really about. 

It's hard to imagine that feeling with finance - thinking about money is stressful, and talking about it is even more stressful. Most parents would rather talk to their kids about sex & drugs. Most teachers would rather see it taught at home. Too often when it is taught the focus is on facts, figures, and formulas instead of habits/abilities, tools, and mindset. 

We're here to help make it easier and more fun to teach and learn about finances. At the end of the day, it's not about knowing how to fill in a budget sheet, it's about developing financial habits and strategies that resonate with your personal identity. 

We're a team of two educators, Andrea Ferrero & Dyalekt, and one CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Pamela Capalad. We travel across the country researching, developing, and sharing lessons, workshops, and professional development that educates and empowers students, teachers, and families.  

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