We met in the most unusual of circumstances.

Pam was transitioning out of her money camp responsibilities and into the financial industry in NYC while Andrea was transitioning into money camp and continuing her teaching career in Santa Barbara, CA.

This summer would change both of our lives.

Pam spent the last three years working with Creative Wealth Intl and running their money camps and became incredibly passionate about teaching financial literacy to kids. Andrea spent one summer doing money camps and her passion for financial literacy was immediately piqued. As soon as our paths crossed, we hit it off.

We both wanted something more though.

How could we get this information to as many kids as possible, especially kids whose parents weren’t sending them to summer camp? How could we get financial literacy into public schools, after school programs, non profits for youth, and anyone and everyone who would listen?

First, we spent two years writing a full length classroom curriculum for middle school teachers while we both continued to gain knowledge and credibility in our respective fields – Pam in finance and Andrea in education. We quickly realized a 54-hour curriculum wasn’t exactly something a teacher could fit into their school day. So we took it apart and now you can buy individual lessons or blocks of lessons to fit into your schedule.

Then we decided we both wanted to get back to our roots and do what we loved to do most: teach together!

We went back to the drawing board and designed one-day workshops for kids and teens that would actually get them excited about financial literacy. And we’ve seen it in action.

Kids are asking complex and highly intelligent questions about choosing the right bank, how to use credit cards wisely, how to start investing in the stock market, the best way to budget their income, and how to start giving back to their communities.

In the fall of 2014, everything changed again.

For the foster care program we work with in CA, we were asked if we could do a job and career prep workshop. We of course said yes, but instead of trying to recreate the wheel, we asked Dyalekt, a seasoned Hip Hop educator, if he could guest teach and do his Hip Hop based career/job prep curriculum.

Another lightbulb went off as we watched students who seemed shy and reserved get up and share their poetry, rhymes, prose, and art, confidently shake hands with their peers, and made eye contact when they were put through mock interviews. The program director said, 1. we weren't allowed to come back without him, and 2. she really felt like this program brought out the best in her kids.

We knew we had to integrate Hip Hop pedagogy into everything we did from then on. While we all know financial literacy is important, we now had a way to make it relevant, current, and part of the students' present lives.

Fast forward to today and we are doing Hip Hop + Finance workshops with youth organizations and colleges around the country. Bring us in for a day, a few hours, or a few weeks and watch your students transform into financially capable and confident future adults.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Please contact us if you want to chat or bring us to your organization or school!