Get to know your future financial self

In our hands-on workshops and lessons, participants hold down jobs, rent apartments, create personal budgets, start their own businesses, and become shrewd investors.

Pockets Change does more than teach the facts. We promote curiosity, optimism, grit, and other character traits proven to make kids successful in the Pockets Change world–and more importantly, the real one.

Hip Hop + Finance

Hip hop education gives students the space and freedom to discover and reflect on how they learn, develop creative solutions in an environment with limited resources, and build community and shared understanding.

Integrating hip hop pedagogy into financial literacy education gives students the context they need to internalize positive money habits, learn complex financial concepts, and reflect on their personal finances in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Our Story

Find out how we all fell in love with financial education.

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meet the team

Find out who's behind the Pockets Change programs.

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