There are a number of systemic financial issues that we may or may not have control over, but what we can give our students is the ability, tools, and mindset to understand what it takes to become thriving socially responsible adults.

We partner with schools and organizations across the country to nurture students’ entrepreneurial spirit, and develop their ability to advocate for themselves through complex financial situations.

We achieve this in the following ways:

  1. Hip Hop education pedagogy - Understanding money must always start with understanding yourself and your relationship to money. This is why we’ve built our curriculum using a Hip Hop education pedagogy that is based in Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences. This empowers students not only to learn how they learn, but also how to build financial habits that resonate with their personal identities.

  2. Systemic/macroeconomic financial themes - Students don’t just learn how to open bank accounts or read their credit scores. They learn how banks make money using their money, who the credit score system is designed to reward and penalize, and how to take advantage of this knowledge to successfully navigate through a complex and tricky financial system.

  3. Designing thinking methodology - Students are never passive spectators in Pockets Change lessons and workshops. From interviewing adults so they can design a better bank, to trading ideas with each other on how to monetize their interests and talents, to using newly learned rhythm and communication skills to ace an interview, students learn how to approach obstacles as solvable problems instead of barriers to entry.

Financially capable instead of financially literate - The financial world changes incredibly fast and what was important yesterday may not matter tomorrow (goodbye, writing checks and Certificates of Deposit!). Students will walk away understanding what APR, overdraft fees, and FICA taxes are. But more importantly, they will have the confidence to ask the right questions to the right people, know how to protect their money, and understand the social and emotional aspect of dealing with their finances that will give them the capability to build real wealth.

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